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FUGOO Waterproof Remote Control

Item #: 100-2523 | MPN: Fugoo Remote Control | Condition: New
$ 49.99
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Is it a watch? Is it a bracelet? Or simply the coolest, most versatile remote ever?

Concerned with fashion? No worries—we got this. A high-tech bracelet fashioned like a watch of the future, FUGOO’s Remote Control fits with any style, any vibe, any image... as long as you’re part of this century, that is. Use it in the snow, the rain, at the beach or that late night party. No water, sand, dirt, or even champagne blasts will damage your FUGOO Remote or your FUGOO Speaker. The Remote Control is just one more innovation in an elite line of FUGOO products designed for the elegant, built for the tough, and developed with convenience in mind.