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6 Zone Stereo Speaker Selector Switch

Item #: 112-1602 | MPN: AVX-1602 | Condition: New
$ 39.99
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This item is a six zone stereo speaker selector switch that allows you to distribute an amplified stereo speaker signal to multiple listening zones that can be turned on or off.
These speaker selectors feature an impedance protection circuit. Turn on the impedance protection switch on the front of the speaker selector to prevent the impedance to your amplifier from dropping too low, regardless of the number and impedance ratings of your speakers. This minimizes damage to your amplifier.
The protection switch can be turned OFF when used with impedance matching volume controls such as Cave Controls 112-1302 or 112-1304.
The speaker terminals on the back of the speaker selector switch can accept up to 14 gauge speaker wire. Each zone can be turned on or off manually and more than one zone can be turned on at a time.


  • Speaker selector switch sends audio to multiple speakers zones
  • Accepts all standard types of speaker wire.
  • Includes speaker switch and amplifier impedance protection.
  • Compatible with Cave Controls in wall volume controls.
  • Easy to follow instructions.

  • Number of stero speaker zones: 6 zones
  • Number of connections: 4 red/black IN and 12 red/black OUT
  • Dimensions: 17 W x 1-15/16 H x 4-3/8 D inches
  • Color: Black
  • Power Required: No
  • Speaker Wire Size: Up to 14 gauge