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How To Corner Mount Your TV

How To Mount Your Flat Screen TV In A Corner

corner mount tv tools

Are you looking how to hang or install your flat screen TV in a corner? Save valuable floor space, mount your TV in the corner. There are a lot of things to consider.

Tools Required:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Stud Finder
  • Tape Measure
TV Mount TV Selection | AV-Express Step 1: How to install a corner tv mount


Manufacturer and Model of your TV

The first step is simple. Help us help you by entering in your televisions manufacturer name and model number. We will use our database to best match a Corner TV Mount for you.

Enter Your TV's MFG and Model
TV Width and Weight Step 2: How to install a corner tv mount


Know Your TV's Size and Weight

The next important information to determine is your TV's and weight. When hanging a TV in the corner, this is crucial information. This information should be easily found in your TV's user manual. If you have not purchased your TV yet, you can estimate by looking up your TV's model number on the manufacturer's website. Write this information down for future steps.

For best results, try to determine the actual width of your TV. TV's are classified by the diagonal width from corner to corner. For best results, use a tape measure to find the actual width.

Enter Your TV Width and Weight
Corner TV Mount Angles Step 3: How to install a corner tv mount


Determine What Angle You Want Your TV Positioned In The Corner

Most installers hang TV's at a perfect 45° in the corner of a room. However this might not always suit your needs. Sometimes your seating might be off to one side from the corner, making 45° undesirable. An AV-Express corner TV Wall Mount fixes this problem by allowing full motion and swivel movement of your TV at up to 90° to the wall.

See the diagram to the right. If you are unsure what angle you need, imagine where your seating is in your room compared to the corner and pick the angle that best suits your needs. Write this information down for future steps.

Choose Your Desired Angle
Corner TV Mount Stored Position Step 4: How to install a corner tv mount


Do You Want To Be Able To Push Flat Against The Wall When Not Viewing?

This is a sub step to step number 3 and leads into the next step. It is important to know this information when finding which stud to locate. Some people do not want their TV to always be in the corner, and store flat against the wall when not watching. If this is your situation, then a stud farther away from the corner may be needed.

Store TV Flat Against Wall?
Corner TV Mount Wood Stud Locations Step 5: How to install a corner tv mount


Find Your Stud Location

This is a very important and involved step. This step uses information from previous steps to hang your TV in the corner exactly the way you want it.

- Fisrt, find the distance of the first stud to the corner. This is NOT always 16 inches.

- Next, find the distance to each stud after the first. This is usually 16 inches if your wall was built using standard American building code.

- Lastly, use our calculator to help you find which stud you will be using: COMING SOON!*

NOTE: if you have concrete walls with no wood studs you do not need find exact stud location.

Enter Stud Measurements From Corner

*Note: This feature is coming soon and is under construction.
The submit button will still work to find your Corner TV Mount.
Corner TV Mount Wood Stud Locations Step 6: How to install a corner tv mount


Hide A/V and Power Cables In The Wall

In our opinion, a TV is not completely on the wall until you have concealed your cables. After all, you don't want to watch your new beautiful television with ugly cables hanging down behind the TV.

After you have determined where you will hang your TV in the corner, and which studs you will attach the TV Mount to, we suggest installing cable entrance wall plates and power wall plates. You can find appropriate wall plates to help you hid your cables by going to our Wall Plates and Power Boxes category page. Click the link for more details. Here you will find recessed TV boxes, cable entrance plates, low voltage boxes, and everything else to hide your TV cables.

Before you install your cable concealment wall plates, we suggest the following tips to help you.

  • Draw it out on paper first. Good planning always helps.
  • Tag your cables with descriptive labels. Too many cables can get confusing, and 1 year later when you upgrade a component, it is easy to forget which cable goes where. Proper labeling always helps, even on speaker wire. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and some clear tape.
  • Measure twice, cut once they always say. Double check your measurements before cutting drywall.
Add Hidden Cable In Wall Features?
VESA Size - Mounting Hole Pattern - Back of TV AV-Express Exclusive Fit Guarantee - How To Corner TV Mount Step 7: How to install a corner tv mount


Know Your TV's VESA Size

VESA = Mounting Hole Pattern = GUARANTEED FIT!

Want a guaranteed fit for your Corner TV Mount? Not many companies that sell TV Mounts tell you about VESA size or mounting hole patterns. But we feel it is an important part of choosing the right mount for your TV. That's why we offer a guarantee on our TV Mounts. If you take the extra 60 seconds needed to complete this step, and record it on your order, we will guarantee that it will fit the mounting holes on the back of your TV. If it doesn't, we will pay to bring it back and offer a replacement, or a full refund.

All TV manufacturers use a standard VESA pattern on the back of their TV's. This VESA pattern is the square or rectangle shape that the four mounting holes on the back of your TV make if you drew an imaginary line between each hole.

The length and width of this square is the VESA pattern. It is usually measured in millimeters instead of inches such as 400W x 400H or 800W x 600H (width x height). Below we have common measurements for the width and height in inches. Please choose one that is closest to your TV's mounting hole pattern.
All of AV-Express and Corner TV Wall Mounts and standard TV Mounts use this this standard measurement to guarantee a safe and secure fit to your TV. Need help? Watch the video to the right for more details on how to measure your TV's VESA size. →

Enter Your VESA Size in Inches

Entering in your TV's VESA size will qualify your order for AV-Express's Fit Guarantee. Let us know your VESA size. If your TV doesn't fit our mount, we will take it back free of any charge, shipping included.

Step 8: How to install a corner tv mount


Choose A Corner TV Mount and Hang Your TV

If you haven't already, choose a TV mount that best fits your TV based on all of the above information. Then, hang your TV in the corner. Always install a TV mount with a friend. No matter how light your TV may be, it is NEVER suggested to install a TV mount by yourself. Follow the instructions that came with your AV-Express TV Corner Mount and you should be watching your TV in the corner the way you want in no time.

We hope that these steps were helpful. We always listen to our customers, so if you have any suggestions or questions, let us know by using our contact us feature. You can contact us by phone, email, or live chat.

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